Delightful Finds in Rockland

August 25, 2016 § 2 Comments


Before heading into the town of Rockland, we stopped by Owls Head State Park, located just across the bay from Rockland Harbor. We parked in the gravelly lot and scrambled down this sketchy path to get to the beach, which was spacious and empty.2-beach

‘Twas no white-sand beach, but it was a beautiful and serene sight nevertheless. The water was so clear!3-beach5-water


The side of the beach was just covered in kelp. It looked kind of gross but at the same time I wanted to eat it? I found a tiny crab shell inside another crab shell (tip of my shoe for size reference). Small signs of wildlife.4-seaweed6-crab

Confession: I left my bottle of water by a rock and forgot to pick it up when we left the beach :( The guilt of littering on such pristine land will haunt me forever!

We walked up the path to the Owls Head Lighthouse, a cute and diminutive structure dating back to 1825. Sadly, it was not open for tours that day.7-steps8-lighthouse9-shore

I hate to repeat myself, but the fresh air was so good. The weather was perfect: warm, sunny and dry. I tried to imagine what it would’ve been like for the lighthouse keeper and his family — who would be stuck there to fend for themselves — during heavy storms and winter. (No need for manpower these days as the lighthouse is automated.)

Just below the lighthouse is the keeper’s house, which is now a small museum and gift shop. Check out all the different types of lights:10-house

We also walked around to the other side of the cliff, where there was, astonishingly, a piece of property for sale.11-backyard12-property

Not sure what you’d build here with all those trees and telephone poles in the way?

Random aside: Of all the photos I took on this trip, only one was of the gorgeous and plentiful lavender we saw everywhere in Maine. Seriously, there was so much of it just growing along the sides of the highway, which I guess is why I couldn’t get any good pictures. I took this as we were leaving the park (just imagine these purple beauties all over the place!):12-lavender

By the time we made it to Rockland (just five miles away), we were pretty tired out from driving 1.5 hours from Portland as well as our park excursion, and our dinner reservation was still a few hours away. This was poor planning on my part — I figured we could spend the afternoon exploring the town but didn’t consider the need for rest!

So J spontaneously booked us a room at a hotel we passed at the end of Main Street, called 250 Main13-hotel

This turned out to be the best decision ever. We thought we’d just chill out there for the afternoon, but we liked it so much that we spent the night, even though we hadn’t brought any of our stuff with us.

250 Main had only been open for two months, and it was a fantastic, 26-room boutique hotel with an art gallery feel — apparently Rockland is an artists’ town, and there were lots of pieces displayed throughout the lobby and hallways.


Instead of fumbling with sliding your key card into a slot, you just wave the card in front of a sensor! It’s like the annoying NYC subway MetroCard system vs. the much more preferable one used in Hong Kong’s subways — small conveniences stand out.

The room itself had a (what I imagine to be) Scandinavian aesthetic and was spacious and light-filled. It was a far cry from the Portland Harbor Hotel, where we were stayed the rest of our trip (more on that in a later post), and we were delighted from everything to the Malin + Goetz toiletries to the really stinking cute door sign (below).

Ours was one of the basic rooms; the hotel also has rooms with balconies and corner views, which we’d definitely want to stay in if we come back! And J is pretty intent on coming back, if only to stay at this hotel again, haha.17-bed18-bathroom19-sign

There’s also a small roof area, from which you can look out over Rockland Harbor. The hotel was quiet, much like the rest of the town (more on that in the next post), though I imagine it would fill up pretty quickly during peak tourist season.

The only downside to staying at 250 Main was that it had no parking lot or even valet parking. There were two parking spaces out front, but the staff told us that cars weren’t allowed to park there overnight. Our only option, if we couldn’t find other street parking nearby, was to park in the free lot across the street and down the hill (pictured below). The walk to and from didn’t bother us as much as the lack of apparent security. If our car got broken into in the middle of the night…who would know?20-roof21-parking

It turned out to be fine during our stay, but I hope the hotel can figure out a better system, especially during winter!

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