Not All Food is Good in Tulsa*

June 14, 2016 § 2 Comments

*But most of it was!


For breakfast our second day, we stuffed ourselves at the Oklahoma Kolache Company. Kolache (koh-lah-chee) are a central European pastry that’s basically a puffy bun with filling. We ordered half the menu; I don’t remember everything we ate, but the sweet and savory buns were all delicious.


Our next stop was the Gilcrease Museum, which houses American art and historic artifacts. It was a nice, tranquil, mid-sized museum that took about two hours to peruse.


My favorite painting (forgot to note the title/artist oops) was the one of this astonished bear:


We went back to Cherry Street to get lunch at Andolini’s Pizzeria. J insisted on ordering two pizzas…I don’t know why. They were good, but we only finished half of each, haha.


After a quick nap, we headed to Valkyrie Bar for some day-drinking. Valkyrie is a spacious cocktail bar with an impressive liquor selection — the “collection had depth,” according to J. Our first round featured custom concoctions; round two comprised the Taco Gimlet and Bramblin’ Man. It was all very tasty.



Throughout the day, J drove us through a lot of the posh Tulsa neighborhoods, and I don’t think a single one had sidewalks. People just walk their dogs and strollers on the street! Seems like poor urban design to me.

The most amazing part was just seeing the giant houses. I thought there were nice houses where I came from, but the ones in Tulsa were enormous in comparison. There were so many times I’d point to a building and ask, “Is that a house?!” because it looked big enough to be a library or something like that and J would respond that yes, it was indeed someone’s house. Can’t beat that oil money, I guess.

A castle-like compound

A castle-like compound

A lot of houses also had a feature I had never seen in the Chicago suburbs: a covered portion of the driveway, usually in the shape of an arch.



For dinner, J dragged us to his old favorite Coney I-Lander, a local chain specializing in chili cheese hot dogs. As a Chicagoland native, I love hot dogs, but I’m pretty picky about which ones I like. (Nathan’s Famous in NYC does nothing for me.) I also just avoid fast food chains in general — I indulge in plenty of junk food on the regular, but fast food is not and never will be my vice.

Suffice to say I was not excited to try Coney I-Lander. This is what the counter looked like, with a gloopy container of questionable chili on the far left:


I don’t like extra meat on my hot dog. The dog itself should be thick and beefy enough on its own. The weiners at Coney were skinny and underwhelming and drowning in cold, shredded cheese. Only pure nostalgia could’ve driven J to eat more than half of one of those things…yuck.



J also ordered a Frito pie — I don’t even like Fritos, so I gave it a hard pass. Those chopped raw onions on top sure looked tasty though! Not.

I was actually recently reminded that I actually used to have an active interest in chili dogs as a kid because I had a Sonic the Hedgehog picture book, and Sonic is a fiend for chili dogs. But now I know Sonic can’t be trusted with food recommendations.

As if we hadn’t fed ourselves enough garbage, we went back to Braum’s but this time for their famed ice cream. None of their flavors were that interesting, so I went with cookies and cream. It was pretty good, though I was bothered by the styrofoam cup :(


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