Trip to Tulsa: Day 1

May 24, 2016 § 3 Comments

Never in my life did I expect to visit Tulsa, Oklahoma, but when the opportunity arose last month to see where J grew up, I couldn’t say no! Besides, it couldn’t possibly be more boring than my own suburban hometown.

We spent three and a half days there, most of which was honestly spent sleeping. Tulsa was the perfect place to catch up on sleep because we were never worried about missing out on anything. We also did a lot of driving around because that’s what you do in the flatlands (I won’t say refer to Oklahoma as the Midwest because there’s no consensus).


Our ride for the weekend was a Chevy Camaro, which was considered an “upgrade” from our choice of Mustang, which apparently Avis had all given away by the time we arrived at the airport at 11 a.m.?! How..? Anyway the Camaro looks cool but had very poor visibility out the back, according to J — I refused to drive it after he said that haha — and was a pretty rough ride when driving over poorly paved roads.


We arrived too early to check in to our hotel, so our first stop was Totally Tennis, a cute family-run store where the owners actually knew J’s parents from back in the day! I’ve never even tried playing tennis in NYC, so I was excited to play even though we were both very rusty.

For lunch, we randomly picked Smoke on Cherry Street. I was surprised to see a sticker on the door saying something along the lines of “no firearms allowed,” but that was not the last time I saw a sign like that in Tulsa. Hmm.



Smoke is known for its bacon jam, which we ordered even though I generally find bacon highly overrated. It was actually pretty good (more sweet than salty), though I actually preferred the goat cheese spread that came with the platter. And the complimentary cornbread muffins! I LOVE CORNBREAD!

J ordered the wet burrito, which was literally the size of a newborn, while I got the pulled pork cornbread waffle. I wasn’t that hungry and the pork was just ok, so I shoved most of it aside and just ate the waffle. Smoke also had a cool self-serve bloody mary station in the back as well as a cigar lounge, of which we did not partake.

After lunch, we finally checked into the Ambassador Hotel for some R&R. The hotel was very nice despite being in a weird no man’s land on the outskirts of downtown. It was certainly not within walking distance of anything useful, but at least the area was quiet.



The suite had a funny setup with the living room between the bedroom and the bathroom, which made for a long walk in the dark if we needed to pee at night, but overall it was very nice.

Post-nap, we suited up to play some tennis! Like I said, we were both pretty bad, but we had fun and our new gear felt great. Afterward, we were too tired and sweaty to eat dinner, so we got two limeades from Braum’s, which apparently was (back in J’s day) and still is Tulsa’s premier ice cream place. Except now they also sell burgers and even groceries??

I don’t know about the other stuff, but their limeades were AMAZING. Perfectly tart and refreshing — my only complaint was that the large size came in a styrofoam cup.


As the sun set, J drove us down to Oral Roberts University, which was founded by televangelist Oral Roberts and looks super retro-futuristic, with space age-looking buildings and a pair of giant prayer hands adorning the campus entrance.

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