Notes from Flying Virgin First Class

May 1, 2015 § 1 Comment


Some pre-notes notes:
-These pictures were taken on two separate trips, so there might be discrepancies in continuity.
-I had never before flown anything other than coach/economy, unless you count JetBlue’s Even More Space seats (I don’t). What an upgrade!
-Previously I was a Virgin virgin, so I have no idea what Virgin’s non-first-class experience is like.

Onward! But quickly and without crowding, because we got to board before everyone else.

1. Everything is just as fuchsia as promised.


2. The captain came out to talk to us before takeoff! I don’t know if this is a regular occurrence on airplanes (I always assumed they greeted us from the cockpit), but this was the first time I’ve been able to see it happen from my own seat!


3. It depends on what the flight attendant decides to say in the announcements, but it felt icky to hear her emphasize that “the lavatory at the front of the aircraft is reserved for first-class customers only.”

4. TV screens are tucked in the armrest, which meant I didn’t get to watch the fabulous safety video starring Todrick Hall (which I specifically avoided watching online so I could see it onboard LOL fail). I tried just leaving my TV screen out as we were preparing for takeoff, but the flight attendant came over and told me to put it away. Sigh. Instead, we got to listen to the song while watching her reenact the safety information. Lame!

The song is much less charming without the accompanying video.

It says

It says “Stow during taxi, takeoff and landing” :(

5. Having the TV and remote stored in the massive armrests between the seats is good if you need lots of space for your arm and bad if you want to put your head on your neighbor’s shoulder. First class ain’t about romance, I guess. Unless you’re romancing a crew member (see #13).

6. My feet don’t touch the seat in front of me!


7. Real silverware! Tea served in a mug! Oatmeal served in a real bowl! Is this what flying used to be like?! Why did they ever change it??

8. The oatmeal is made with water (as opposed to milk), but it is quite delicious and tastes like it was cooked in a pot instead of microwaved from a packet. (I have no idea how it’s actually made.) You have the option of getting milk on the side for your oats, which seemed kind of weird but I poured it in anyway.

9. TINY AIRPLANE SALT SHAKER! (I didn’t keep it because I have no use for extra salt.)


10. The seat doesn’t lean back 180 degrees, but it’s far enough, and there IS a footrest that pops out. Overall very comfortable for sleeping, even on a red-eye. (Apparently Virgin only has red-eye flights back to NYC. No matter how comfy the flight, four hours of sleep is not enough to be productive at work the next day! Oops.)

11. Free hot pink headphones. Not very good quality, but pretty cute. (I also did not keep these.)


12. J told me that in his experience, Virgin seems to have a tendency to hire more ~attractive~ female flight attendants (as opposed to other domestic but not international airlines). The crew leader was indeed attractive and young-looking. She also wore 3-inch pumps before takeoff and switched to flats during the flight. Interesting!

13. J also told me (if I remember correctly) that the flight attendants are extra flirty to first-class male passengers on flights to Vegas because there’s a likelihood they’ll meet someone rich who can take them out on the town during their layover or something like that. I was prepared to hiss at anyone who tried to flirt with J but fortunately I didn’t have to resort to that.

14. For the most part, the great majority of first class passengers on our flights were male. (Plenty of other targets I guess LOL)


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